You're probably already aware of this, but here goes...

It all began in the heady days of 2006, when I realised that there were an awful lot of videos on Youtube which featured male nudity in non-sexual situations, such as streakers, rugby lads, teabagging, and so forth. I also noticed that these videos tended to disappear rather quickly because they were against Youtube's terms of service.

So I began my daily searching and downloading. However, sharing these videos proved to be rather difficult, and after growing tired of Yahoo mailing lists and various other attempts at sharing the videos I was finding, I discovered Blogspot and launched my blog StripperBoyz.

StripperBoyz was great in its day, I was posting multiple daily videos with literally thousands of visitors. Long term viewers will remember the Borat Files, Arets Nack, tiny penised muscle men, ventriglisse, Rich streaking in broad daylight (which I believe is actually still on Youtube), and other pearls of nostalgia.

But Blogspot has limits. At the time, videos could be a maximum size of 320x240 while camera phones were moving towards HD, and the pages would take an age to load if they were too long (which Blogspot still has problems with). There were also backend issues with multiple uploads and template design, as well as limitations on exactly what I could do with the pages and layouts.

So I started to research how to run my own video site, which would give me the freedom I wanted to host larger videos, categorise them, and use my own page designs - what I really wanted was an interface that looked like Youtube, with keywords and related videos. I did the research and, in 2009, Male Strippers Exposed was born, followed by Straight Lads Exposed in 2010.

Things have changed a lot since then. Youtube is no longer the primary resource for Lad Videos; they've become even more censorial than they ever were while the advent of social media has seen videos spread across Instagram, Facebook, Vine, Tiktok and Snapchat, among others. Tumblr had a good run, with many blogs dedicated to the Lad Video, but it's gone too. Some of you may even remember the now-deleted adult networks on Socialgo. They're gone too.

But I'm still here - in spite of two server crashes - and posting every day. The content is still the same - porn that isn't porn featuring real straight lads amusing their mates with their dicks. It's been a decade and I still don't understand the psychology of it, but I'm not complaining. I just call it a straight man thing.

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